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Claire LaDue Professional Ice Skating Coach

Claire LaDue

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Learn To Figure Skate With Professional
Coach And Ice Skating Instructor Claire LaDue

St. Clair Shores Figure Skating Club of Michigan

MY LIFE SO FAR...........My name is Claire LaDue and you can find me coaching figure skating at the St Clair Shores Figure Skating Club in Michigan, USA. I have been coaching students age 3 and up in the Detroit Area for over 14 years.

Born in England in 1975 I grew up just outside of Birmingham. That is where I learned to skate as a young girl at The Silver Blades Ice Rink's Polar Bear Club and later at the Solihull Ice Skating Club. I competed all over Great Britain growing up, and made it to the British National Championships as a Junior women before joining and traveling with Walt Disney world on Ice for 5 years.

After meeting my husband Brian and deciding to settle down and get “off the road” we arrived in Michigan for a summer. We both enjoyed all of the four seasons Michigan had to offer, so we decided to stay.

I started coaching learn to skate lessons in Lincoln Park MI, and I soon had several private students. I worked my way up at this small club and became the Skating Director a couple of years later. I moved on from there after a few years and became the Skating Director at another Arena in the Detroit Area.

I attend numerous PSA (Professional Skaters Association) seminars and workshops trying hard to better myself as a coach. I have purchased and studied video’s, read books, and have gone as far as Arizona to attend pace seminars. I have earned my Certified Oral Ratings in Moves in the Field and Freestyle. I am currently working towards my Senior Ratings.

Over the past 16 years I have successfully taken my students through Senior Moves and Junior Freestyle tests. I have made the PSA Coaches Honor Roll in 2005 & 07 for team coaching gold medalists at the Eastern Great Lakes Regional Championships as well as taking these skaters to the  Junior National Championships at the Juvenile and Intermediate level. I am proud to have Master rated coaches approach me over the years to work with their students.

After having my first child Sophia in 2004, my second child Jack in 2007 and my third child Charlie in 2010, I found myself searching for an environment that offered both on and off ice training to my clients. Also, trying to find a better balance between my new larger family and work I moved to the St. Clair Shores Figure Skating Club in 2007.  I believe SCSFSC offers athletes, a complete training regime. The SCSFSC has a long tradition of producing quality skaters and I am looking forward to adding my students to this list.

With my Skating Director background and ice show experience with Walt Disney on ice, I have been the Ice Show director at SCSFSC for past 5 years now.  It is a perfect fit for me!  They are always a huge success thanks to all of the talented skaters we have to work with.

I wish continued success to the Athletes that have cross my path over the years. Passing along my knowledge and my passion for skating to these athletes is truly rewarding job.

Check out all the photo's of my students, past and present.


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Professional Figure Skating Coach of St. Clair Shores Figure Skating Club
(SCSFSC) at the St. Clair Shores Ice Arena, St. Clair Shores Michigan

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